Studs & Queens

Here are the Rapscallions at home.

The Boys

Sebastian P - Seb

Red Silver Classic Tabby | Poly

Hemingway P - Basil

Brown Mackerel Tabby | Poly


Blue Classic Tabby | Standard

The Girls

Lightning Strike - Lightning

Silver Classic Tabby | Standard

Twisted Cinnamon - Twistie

Black Tortie | Standard

Midnight Mystery - Midi

Solid Black | Standard

Wild Rose - Rosie

Blue Smoke Tortie | Standard

Cinnamon Spice P - Spicey

Black Tortie | Poly

Cupid P

Black Smoke Tortie | Poly

Cover Girl P - CG

Black Smoke Tortie | Poly

Penelope Pussycat - Penny

Black Silver with White | Standard

Louella - Louie

  Black Silver Torti Classic Tabby Bicolour | Standard

Caramel Sundae

Brown Tortie & White Classic Tabby | Standard